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Something you guys would know about the world is there are only 3 seasons, Spring-Fall-Winter. Fall is the hottest, and it’s the oppressive heat that causes leaves to fall and everything to be brown/orange/yellow. Also, there are 30 hours in the day, 10 days in a week, 3 weeks in a month and 10 months in a year. The first and last months of the year are winter, the rest are split evenly between spring and fall.

There are two major continents, seperated by a large sea. The sea is considered trecherous, and usually only pirates and other criminals travel across it.

Dwarves and Eladrin are the only races with a history that goes back further than 300 years. Humans, gnomes, and changelings have only begun appearing in the last half century. That means that every human’s great-great-grandfather was a race other than human, and its possible that later generations were as well. How races mix is very complicated so I wont explain it in detail here. Suffice it to say that when goblinoids and elven races mix, it makes humans/gnomes/changelings. Changelings are extremely rare, and pretty much no one knows they exist.

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