The Adventure Continues
Game Recap 4/14/11

The sky is filled with soot as our group makes its way through what was once a lush forest. Only a days travel through the burnt tree stumps and they reached the front lines. Trenches filled with goblinoids followed by a barren and blood soaked field before the relative safety of the woods. Chev, being a bugbear, snuck into the trenches to get some supplies and what they needed to fake a prisoner transfer. The impressive jade badge he took from a sleeping commander allowed him to avoid too much scrutiny. With the others prepared, they walked through the trenches, trying as hard as they could not to seem suspiscious. Then the moment of truth came. They walked boldly onto the field, Chev escorting the “prisoners”. They waited a moment halfway between the two sides, as is customary for prisoner transfers, but then Temperance took off toward the tree line, shouting something in elvish. The other two are quick to join her with crossbow bolts whizzing past and arrows sailing over head. Once out of sight they breathed a relieved sigh, only to have lizardmen come from hiding to grab them. After some brief questioning, Pym and Tempe are let go, but Chev is taken to a special part of the encampment for further interrogation. All’s well by the next morning though, and after giving some intel on the slave labor camp to the soldiers and buying some supplies, they set out into the forrest towards the nearest good sized town. A few hours into their journey and they were attacked by a large lizard. Chev wrestled it until the other two wore its mind down enough for him to cowe it into submission. After sharing their rations with it, and naming it Little Green Bucket, they rode it into town. Cheap rooms, free stabling, and box wine all around at the Settled Inn as the group prepared to look for work.

The Beginning
Game Recap 3/3/11

Lying on a dirty floor, wearing dirty clothes, covered in… dirt, prisoners of war lay awake thinking of a way to escape the slave labor camp they were in. Chained to one another by destiny and an actual chain they decided that overpowering the guards was their best chance for escape. With a clever ruse or two and the element of suprise they got the jump on their captors, taking what they could from them and cautiously sneaking out of the compound. Once free, they ran for days before a patrol stumbled upon their camp. The battle was fierce and bloody, but they prevailed. They held on to their freedom… for now.


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